ALUMNUS – Stake Holder Forum

Institutions grow only when adequately supported. While the Institute has excellent men behind, it requires adequate funds support to carry on their research and development activities. The Institute has been carrying out research projects on many vital fields which are crucial to human life. These activities require timely support to achieve success. Partnering with the Institute can happen through our Alumnus working at several corporates who can act as a catalyst and a conduit. Channelizing such efforts through the Alumni not only brings the Alumni Association to limelight, it can also benefit in its’ progress. This helps Alumni to grow its activities in the larger interest.

Alumni Association is also working on thin slice of funds being managed through membership activities. The Association makes an appeal to the Alumni working in premier establishments to help support their Association through direct contributions and other programme sponsorships organised by the Association. This is possible only when the great minds work together and help build a strong Association. Our Alumni are requested to act as a catalyst to partner the organisations they are involved with the Institute through ODAA or G.C.R.G. Alumni Association so that such partnering can results in mutual benefits to the Institute and the stake holders.

Alumni Association has panel of leading Alumnus who have made significant contributions in their field of interests as their Advisors and Mentors to receive their valuable inputs and directions to take this Association in the right directions.