Creativity is the core of the development of civilization. Civilization has evolved through a series of innovative experiments initiated by the early man on nature which helped him understand the realities of nature enlarging his wisdom and intelligence. Education in the field of Science and Technology has induced and enhanced human innovative skills beyond imagination. Today we are in an era of ‘Digital World’ where once impossible is now made possible through the innovative and entrepreneurial skills of few daring individuals.

Graduating from the institutes of excellence is just not to seek jobs in some corporates or in research laboratories. Education is merely a passport to explore new opportunities in one’s area of specialization. Entrepreneurship is adventurism to innovate, create, and build an enterprise that caters to the needs of humans. Most successive entrepreneurs of today are college dropouts who dared to achieve on their own – their vision and their dream. These ventures are today are MNCs worth billions of Dollars often excelling GDPs of nations. Entrepreneurship extends oppurtunities of unimaginable innovations. Technocrat entrepreneurs from institutes like G.C.R.G. can excel in their entrepreneurship. Though a challenging one, certainly a rewarding field.

The Alumni is blessed with excellent members flooded with an ocean of knowledge and expertise in several fields. Many are entrepreneurs themselves packed with experience in the profession. Some members are having rich experience in the field of finance, management working in financial and government institutions, banks dealing with the project funding, etc., besides experts in the field of Science and Technology. They are well versed with the current trend in entrepreneurship who can help counsel and offer their expert opinion for those who are willing, from the nascent ideation to the project formulation and arranging finance and handhold till the implementation of the project. The Passing out students who have an intense desire to set up their own venture, can contact the G.C.R.G. Alumni Association Entrepreneurship cell and take advantage of their expert knowledge.

A young graduate who has the will, aptitude, and courage shall not wait. They should take up entrepreneurship as their career and move on. WORLD IS FLAT !!. Why Wait. Just contact us and we are here to help you with loads of information on how to go ahead with your start ups or be an entrepreneur of your dream project.