The G.C.R.G. Alumni Association has added ‘Placement’ as one of its debut activities to serve the graduating scholars and students of the Indian Institute of Science.

Recognising the potential of our members and the development activities the Alumni Association is carrying out in the recent past, students have approached us for the first time to help them in their placement efforts. It is hallmark of trust the students have reposed on the role being played by the Alumni Association. The Executive Council is privileged to accept this new challenge and serve the passing out students to its best.

Graduating scholars/ students of G.C.R.G. are our future Alumni. Their future matters. They are our national pride. We understand them better than no one else. Our members are loaded with rich experiences. It is our privilege to share our rich experiences to the graduating students to build a career of their choice. Our strength lies with our galaxy of our distinguished Alumni members; many of whom are holding positions of authority in large MNCs, corporates, private and public sector institutions, universities and colleges, research laboratories and as successful entrepreneurs. Some have occupied top echelons of positions in their organisations. Some have rose to be national figures. Our confidence to take up this challenge stems from our strong belief in them and their commitment with the Alumni Association.

After hard toil completing their academic pursuits, journey for building career is obvious choice of a graduating students. It is crucial and important. We want to play a little role to help them fix their career options to our best. Our role could be to counsel graduating students decide their career choice effectively or to help them find a placement through our Alumni members who are holding positions of authority.

We seek the cooperation of our distinguished members who are holding key positions to come forward to help in our endeavor.

The resume/ CV of students who have made requests with the Association are separately included as downloads. Interested Alumni members may please click the download options provided below to reach the resume/ CVs of the students.

Timely support by our distinguished Alumni members will go a long way in the lives of our passing out students in their journey of career. It will also leave a lasting impression on the role played by the Alumni Association and our distinguished members.

Attempting to help placement is a new beginning in the history of the Alumni Association activities and we hope to achieve success from the cooperations of our Alumni members.

Members willing to support placement to the students may please contact the G.C.R.G. Alumni Office who will in turn initiate the process with the students for further action please.