The members of the Alumni after graduation move out to different parts of the country to settle in their careers. In certain pockets of the country where there are better prospects for their career growth, our Alumni members settle in large numbers. In order to help them connect with one another to establish a sense of belongingness with the Alumni Association and with the Alma Mater; the Association encourages them to form regional chapters in an atmosphere of friendship and togetherness. These chapters help to create a vibrant community of Alumni members in the region.

The Association is establishing contacts with members who could take a leading role in certain metropolitan cities like Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc., where a large number of our Alumni are possibly settled and form their own chapters. These chapters are managed by the member-elect among themselves localized in the region with the composition of Alumni Association office bearers as Ex-Officio members on the board of these chapters. These regional chapters are an affiliate of the Alumni Association based at Lucknow and shall act as a nucleus in the region to attract more non-member Alumni into the membership fold to enlarge its membership base and spread the message of this Association. These chapters will function on similar lines with the Association carrying out the same objectives, activities, vision, and mission set out by the Association. These regional chapters are flexible to devise their own activities permissible under the byelaws in consultations with the Alumni Assocaition at Lucknow. These chapters shall function under the banner of the G.C.R.G. Alumni Association as an extended arm of the Association based at Lucknow.

The broad objectives of these Regional Chapters are:

  1. Existing Alumni members located in these metropolitan cities to take initiative to identify Alumni members and non-member Alumni in the region and bring non-member Alumni under the Membership fold of the Alumni Association to broad base our strength.
  2. Enthusiast members in the region to take a lead role and take initiative among themselves to create a base for starting a Regional Chapter.
  3. These lead members in the area liaison with Alumni Association and can use the web portal of the Alumni Association to invite membership from their areas to join hands to form Regional Chapters.
  4. These chapters are encouraged to formulate their own social and Association driven activities to stay connected to one another and at the same time act as a catalyst to attract and bring more members into the networking efforts to increase the membership base.
  5. Create a data bank of the members in their chapters and help engage with the Institutions they are connected to help partner with the Alma Mater as stakeholders in the Institute’s mission.
  6. Wherever the chapters promote either the ‘giving’ or ‘engaging with’ by the institutes/ Organisations connected, to partner with the mission of the Alma Mater, shall channel the outcome through the Executive Council of the Alumni Association based at Bengaluru while retaining their credit for their efforts.
  7. These chapters are encouraged to set up a full-fledged committee of dedicated members to work in tandem with the Alumni Association based at Bengaluru on similar lines with the existing set up at the Alumni Association, Bengaluru.
  8. These chapters act as vibrant wings of the Association standing on ideals of professionalism to further the cause of the Association and the Alma Mater.

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