Family is an integral part of any individual. Members apart, families are equally important to ensure active participation by our members in the events and activities of the Association. When families are involved, we believe the involvement of the members will grow much deeper in one’s association in meeting the deliberations of the Association. While the Institute can offer little in this area, the Association can certainly fill this gap with much fun, fairness, and fancy. Hence this page is exclusively allotted to the families of the members where they are welcome to showcase their involvement in our parallel causes relating to the spread of education to the needy, underprivileged, and such similar areas of interest. Such stories could be related to achievements by the members’ spouse, children in academics, sports, talents, and other areas of interest. However, the Association reserves the right to screen based on the contents before placing it on our portal.

Alumni members may kindly take this opportunity available to use the platform to display their achievements particularly in academics, innovations, certificates of merit, etc. more related in the domain of science and technology