Institutions are made up of men and women who with their dedication shape them and build them as Institution. some one build them, some shape them and few take them to new heights. Membership is the SOUL of an Institution to survive. No institution can survive without the support of its members.

Membership not only institutes a feeling of oneness, it also institutes belongingness. Humans have lived through several millennia by building institution through courtship, togetherness, civilised groups, society and Institutions. Many institutions perish, some survive and few flourish as giants. In order to build a strong foundation for a giant Institution, the members involvement, will, support by way of material and money is a catalysts that boosts the growth. Realising this hard truth, the Associations makes a fervent appeal to all its Alumni who have passed out from the Institute and are not a member to become member now. If you have not became a member you already have delayed. It is never toolate. Join the band now.

The students who are on the rolls at the Institute, to look not behind, but just look ahead to know what it means to be a member of an Association of a talented pool. It doesn’t take much time to realise soon how right you are in your decision.

The joy of becoming member of this Alumni Association is immense and no words can explain. You are priveleged with a tag of an Institute that is known all over the country.

Take walk to the Alumni Association Office situated close to ODAA and the main Building to know more about the Association.

To keep your feeling of attachment to this great Institute, the Association has stocked few merchandise of student needs such as colourful T Shirts, Jockey Caps, Neck Ties, Coffee Mugs, other apparels with the Indian Institute of Science Alumni and its logo stamped on each items are available for sale at the G.C.R.G. Alumni Office. These are sold at reasonable price to spread the message of belongingness with the Alumni Association and the Institute. Feel free to walk in and pick up items of your choice. Just not stop at that. Pick them up as gifts to your loved ones, family members, friends, relatives and others to say that you belong to a class of people that the IISc produces. It is unique way you showcase your presence with this great Institute.

Feel free to offer your feedback on our range of merchandise and suggestions for improvement if any.