Most often, once graduation is completed, the question ‘WHAT NEXT ?’ arises in the minds of every graduated student. It is usual. But there is no cause for worry. Every graduate student passes through this ordeal. One needs to do lot of home work before one takes a dive into the world of opportunities. One has to carefully select ones’ career based on several factors. It is always better to learn from the learned. Commercial career guidance forums though are the easiest that one can choose. Most often graduate students are misguided by these career forums founded on profit-making who often inadequately guide students to make right choices.

We at the G.C.R.G. Alumni Association realizing the difficulties of the students, have set up Career Counselling/ Entrepreneurship Cell to help the graduated students in deciding their future career path. We have Engineers, Scientists, Researchers, Academicians, Managers, Administrators, Management and Financial Experts, Management Experts in almost every field. Students can avail this facility to get proper counselling to further their interests.

Students who are desirous of getting support to decide on their career path from our experienced Alumni members can contact us through our web portal or by writing to us. Feel free to contact the Alumni Office. Our experienced Alumnus will share their past experiences with the graduated students to make them take a right choices after carefully evaluating their need.