Why Become A Member?

Benefits may be few, but the rewards are many. As an Alumni with your membership with the Alumni Association makes all the differences. You are recognized as a person from an institute that has produced scientists and engineers of eminence. You are placed on a pedestal of intellectuals. You are associated to be one among the creamy layer of the society. Taking its name as being a member of the Alumni Association of #1 Institute in the country in the field of Science and Engineering and embracing its name has profound impact on the perceptible image that one carries. It elevates your self-esteem. What more does one need. It is the pride that you carry all your life associating you to an institute that is known for its excellence. This is the greatest rewards that one gets by becoming member of the Alumni Association.

As part of its activities, the Association organizes series of technical lectures and conferences on various topics of interest from renowned national and international experts to enrich and update current trends in the development of Science and Technology. The members can take advantage to attend these technical lectures and update their knowledge in their area of interest.

Apart from acedemic activities, the members have options to engage themselves with their families through club activities on an informal platform to create a strong network. The Association has Social Club, Talents Club, Photography Club, Sports Club and Trekking & Adventure Club. The members and their families are encouraged to take part in these club activities to enhance their talents and be a part of this great group.

An Alumni once a member of the Association, is entitled to several additional benefits. The member is open to the bundle of avenues and opportunities as highlighted hereunder:

  • Members will be part of a network of Alumni, consisting of top Engineers, Technologists, Academicians, Managers and Administrators in the premier Institutions, Universities, Scientific, Defence & Research Laboratories, Government Institutions, MNCs and other organisations.
  • Members gets an easy access to link with several of the Alumni through the data base available to update their personal and professional linkages with the members of their choice. Members get the advantage to locate their classmates easily through the Association portal, re-establish their broken linkages with them to bring back their old student memories.
  • Members can get to know the area of interests of their friends, classmates, faculties and others and establish close link with their fellow professional researchers working elsewhere to exchange information on their advanced research studies/ programmes freely.
  • Catch up with your faculties and discuss your areas of research or get down to pay respects to your faculties.
  • Members get access to attend Global Conferences of the Alumni organised once in 2 years in all parts of the globe, besides getting invitations to the reunion of the Alumni organised often at the Institute Campus.
  • We are proposing Association Chapters at important cities of the country to encourage the local gatherings at their chapter centres to carry forward the Associations objectives.
  • Use the platform to update the achievements of members and their families.
  • Create a permanent bond between its members and with the Alma Mater.
  • Linked to an elite Institute known for its excellence, membership with the Alumni Association boosts perceptible image.
  • Collectively engage in “Giving” to Alma Mater to foster its dedicated mission to promote knowledge.

With a stamp as an Alumni from ODAA and a member of the Alumni Association, one is privileged to walk across its corridors of excellence which groomed him/ her once. You can feel the fresh breath of air walking past the serene lush greenery, in an environment of peaceful ecosystem, which one finds rarely within a vicinity of 100 kilometers or beyond. This is the privilege you get to feel your Alma Mater from close. With your identity registered at the ODAA as Alumni, you are entitled to host of additional benefits to use the Library, treasuring some of the rare Scientific and Technical International Journals, latest editions of books on new areas of advancement in science and fundamental research etc. Members can also avail the use of Swimming Pool and feel relaxed in a calm environment to the chirping of birds. The Alumni can visit the hostel and dine with their old friends and faculties and feel the student days. You can sit at the altars of knowledge (Tata Statue) and proudly pose for a picture with your family (without disturbing the tranquility of the campus life) to recollect your campus life. A right way to kindle interest in your children and family members to introduce the Institute you have graduated and make them feel a part of the abode of knowledge. It is undeniable that the world recognizes students through the institute they have pass out. This is possible by seeking to be one among a prestigious group of people. You can walk across the majestic buildings hidden in the lush green and meet your faculties and pay your respects who shaped your knowledge. The benefits are few but the joy is immense.