“Today’s students are tomorrow’s Alumnus”.

Humans have evolved over time living in groups. Living in a group of choice though a necessity, in the present world of challenges may not be a reality. The digital world has narrowed this gap. One can now relate to the group of one’s choice virtually if not physically. Being in connectivity with the group that shares common values, attitudes, knowledge, emotions, success, and defeat provides a common platform to nurture his success rate. Getting socially connected is always possible which further helps endure a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.

Keeping these value additions to the success of every student of the Institute in mind, the Alumni Association has structured its’ role, activities, programs such that the students get involved with the Alumni Community from their early beginning to create a sense of ownership with their Alma Mater.

“G.C.R.G. Alumni Association & Students Interaction on Sports Day”

The Alumni Association has come up with a number of activities that are Student-centric in nature to encourage them to get connected and develop the spirit of Alumni right from their student life to reap the benefits offered by the Association in counseling activities such as career building, getting connected with institutions, entrepreneurship, etc besides being involved in social, cultural and club activities events. These are an absolute necessity for the overall growth of the students to be successful in life.

The Alumni has come up with Working Cells comprising of experts from various fields such as Science and Technology, Finance, Management, information on Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, etc. These cells are designed to operate virtually as well as through personal interaction depending on one’s convenience.

The students are encouraged to visit the Alumni Association office located on the Campus to understand more about Alumni Association and get connected. They are also encouraged to join the membership of the Alumni Association on a nominal fee which can be paid in easy terms at the convenience of the students.