Why Membership?

Getting involved with the Institute that has shaped your future is like paying respects to one’s Mother who has blessed you with life. The better way to involve oneself to support the cause of the Alma Mater is to get membership through it’s Alumni Association. Membership is simple and is voluntary. The cost involved is minimal, but the rewards are unmeasurable. These rewards are not tangible, but a reward that is never diminishing. It is a perceptible title that you derive and carry all your life once you are member. It is more than an asset.

Obtaining membership is purely an indication of love and affection a passing out student can show to remember its’ Alma Mater – which shaped his/ her career forever. The Institute just not gives degrees to seek jobs. It shares a whole bundle of knowledge derived, collated and shared through several intelligent minds from all over the globe. Becoming member of an Alumni of the Institute is the unique way to say “I BELONG TO” – belong to a creamy layer of society which shapes the future of the country. You are recognised as a member of a fraternity that is creative, innovative and one who shapes the future of the mankind for good.

Who can be a member?

Anyone who successfully completes an academic course at the Indian Institute of Science, is eligible to become a MEMBER of the G.C.R.G. Alumni Association.

Membership is open to all, including all students at the Institute. Even the students at entry level can opt to be a member on the Alumni Association to say, “I BELONG TO”. To promote the spirit of Alumni culture from the early beginning of the student’s academic life, the students enrolled at the Institute are encouraged to become member of the Alumni Association. There is no bar. Membership is voluntary. The Association has special discounts and offers to students to encourage them become members of the Association on easier terms.

How to become a Member:

Becoming member on the Alumni Association is easy.

If you are a passing out student, just walk across the STATUE OF KNOWLEDGE (Tata Statue) to reach the Alumni Association Office located at an arm’s length from the hostels. Our ever-serving Alumni Executive Council members and staffs at the Alumni Office are willing to help you process your request to become a member of this great Association. You can register online through this portal to become member of the Association. Just click the link ‘REGISTER’ on the portal and proceed.

Wait no More. Hurry to be one among us…… Enjoy the host of benefits as member of the Alumni Association.