G.C.R.G. Group of Institution – a premier Institute in the country produces the finest Engineers and Technologists in various disciplines every year. The students after their pass out from the Institute, move out to different parts of the country and the globe in search of opportunities to settle in their careers. Unless they are connected through a common platform, in an informal environment of friendship and belongingness, there are chance to lose track of these creamy layers of the society produced by the Institute and loose the link forever. It is with these intentions in mind, the Alumni Association is established to keep a continued link to renew and refresh relationship with the Alumni members and the Institute at all time to work in the best interest of it’s Alma Mater.

The institute is credited with producing nearing 25000+Engineers in various fields. Together, they form a great ‘Think Tank’ and a ‘Knowledge Bank’. The Association is privileged to bring them together and be a part of this group.


The Chief objective of the Alumni Association is to bring together under one roof, the best talent pool of Engineers & Technologists spread across the globe together with an intent to harness their potential in the cause of the Society and the country. The Association also aims at bringing the members together and help them connect one another and with the Institute to foster the goals of the Institute and help in its growth.


The Association has plans to draw a pool of outstanding Alumnus spread around the globe in various fields to utilize their services wherever necessary for the common good. These outstanding Alumni members will be contacted through periodic messages on our web portal, reminders by mail to stay connected at all times.

A core committee is in the anvil to collaborate with the members on this issue. More details will follow as and when committees engaged to operationalise is put into place.


The Association to identify organizations/ institutions to help G.C.R.G. Students to embark on a highly successful career (of their choice) by providing inputs received from the successful members through mentoring/ counselling sessions and professional training programmes proposed.


The Alumni Association believes in motivating dedicated/ meritorious students and faculties through rewards and recognitions. The Association has charted plans to institute awards to meritorious students and dedicated faculty members to encourage promote excellence in the field of their studies.


“As you sow, so you reap”.

In tune with the above quote, the Alumni Association believes in imbibing a culture of scientific reasoning at the early stages of learning by the school going children in rural areas to help and expose them to pick up interest in the areas of Science and Engineering field. Even to this day, rural India continues to be haunted with blind beliefs and superstitions on the realities of nature without proper logical reasoning. The upbringing of children in such an atmosphere of blind beliefs, have lead to erosion of rational reasoning and thinking among the young minds. The association believes that inculcating a culture of logical reasoning at an early age to the school going children, would help them expose to reasoning and thus develop scientific temperaments at an early age to face advanced challenges.

The Association therefore proposes in association with the student council of the G.C.R.G. to promote scientific temperament among the school going children.


The Association aims to engage with Faculty, Department and Divisional Heads on activities that could benefit mutually all the stakeholders involved. The Association has plans to periodically arrange networking with the stakeholders to help maximize benefits to students on their projects, internships, placements, consultancy, and entrepreneurship, etc. keeping the student-centric approach.


The Association aims to utilise the networking among members to a common platform where they can engage themselves in social and cultural activities. Such social and cultural activities help create a feeling of oneness among its members and belongingess with the Alma Mater.