Dear Alumni,

I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. As the Deputy Director of G.C.R.G. college of Engineering & Management, I am honored to reach out to our esteemed alumni community.

Our college has always taken immense pride in the accomplishments of our graduates, and you, our valued alumni, are the shining stars who have illuminated our institution’s path to excellence. Your remarkable achievements in various fields are a testament to the quality education and nurturing environment that GCRG college provides.

The alumni association holds a special place in our hearts as it symbolizes the enduring connections that were forged during your time at GCRG college. We cherish the memories you have shared with us and the positive impact you continue to make in your personal and professional lives.

We believe that your collective knowledge and experiences are invaluable assets that can enrich the lives of current students and recent graduates.

As members of the GCRG alumni family, you play a vital role in shaping the future of our institution. Your support and mentorship can inspire and empower our students to explore their full potential and navigate the challenges of the real world with confidence.

In the spirit of unity and collaboration, we strive to create a global alumni network that fosters lifelong connections and meaningful engagements. Together, we can build bridges that span across borders, creating a powerful network of GCRG college graduates who make a positive difference in their communities and professions.

Thank you for your enduring loyalty to GCRG Group. Your involvement in our alumni association brings joy to our college community and strengthens the bonds that tie us together.

Wishing you all continued success and fulfillment in all your future endeavors.

With warm regards,

Dr. Abhishek Kumar
Deputy Director, G.C.R.G. Group